eastern market

A few weekends ago we went with our friends Whitney and DJ to the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill in downtown DC. It is the longest operating farmers market in DC. They have tons of fresh produce, flowers, meat, art stands, and a huge flea market.
Whitney and I are both obsessed with crepes, and she raved about this crepe stand. We got a crepe with strawberries, cream, and nutella that was divine.

I’m still kicking myself for not grabbing a pair of these adorable earrings

my lova

Whit and I

We left with a bag full of fresh peaches. I had every intention to make peach smoothies and a peach dessert, but I just couldn’t bring myself to mix them with any other food. You can’t beat the taste of a fresh peach. So we just ended up devouring them over the kitchen sink with juice dripping down our chins.