LeanneBarlow giveaway for a good cause

My heart was heavy when I heard the news that one of my close family friends lost his beloved wife, Sharla, early yesterday morning while they were on a family vacation to go to Disneyland.  She passed away suddenly in her sleep and her poor husband is now left with their five young children, 3 girls ages five and under, and twin baby boys only seven months old.  I can’t begin to imagine the heartache and grief they are experiencing.  I couldn’t stop thinking about what a huge void her passing is in this sweet family.
A memorial fundraiser has been set up on behalf of the family in order help with funeral costs and to try and ease the burden that is now on the shoulders of this young husband.  In order to help promote and raise funds for this important cause, I am doing a giveaway one of my Lavender Striped Boyfriend Cardigans.  

Entry Rules:
  • Go to the Sharla Prior Memorial Fundraiser website  and donate whatever you can by clicking on the yellow “give” button on the right-hand side.  There is no minimum donation that needs to be met.  Even a donation as small as $5 can help.  You can pay via Pay Pal or credit card. 
  • Help spread the word about this giveaway on your facebook or twitter.  The goal is to help raise as much money as possible so the more people we can get to donate, the more financial help this family can receive.
One Additional Entry:
  • Post about this giveaway on your blog.
How to Leave Your Entry:
  • Leave ONE comment letting me know you donated to the memorial and facebooked/tweeted about the giveaway.  Please don’t say how much you donated.  Also, there isn’t a way for me to verify that a donation was actually made, so please be honest about your entry.
  • Leave ONE additional comment letting me know that you helped spread the word on your blog.
  • In both comments please leave your email spelled out (ex: contactelleapparel at gmail dot com) so that we don’t get spammed.
The giveaway will run through Thursday, August 23rd, and I will announce the winner the following Friday.
Please join me in helping this sweet family as best we can.  It won’t take away the grief and pain of their loss, but hopefully can lessen their financial burdens.