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I love changing out my front door wreath for the holidays. It’s a quick way to get in the holiday spirit and something fun you and your guests can enjoy! I used to have a fall wreath but over the years it got pretty banged up, so I decided to create a new one for this Halloween.


How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

I didn’t love the pre-made wreaths I saw available online so I decided to create my own. I started my search at eBay! Did you know ebay has tons of great Halloween decor items? I was blown away by their selection.


To create my fall wreath I started with a simple green wreathfor my base. This gives you a really good starting point because it’s already filled with foliage, and I just get to add to it as I like.


I picked this eucalyptus wreath I found on ebay. I got it in 2 days (did you know you can filter by shipping speed?) and it was perfect! Then I found a bunch of faux fall leaves here.


How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

Once you have your green wreath and the additional leaves you want to add, the process for creating your own custom wreath is simple:

Step one:

Cut off sections of the leaves with a wire cutter. Make sure you leave a long enough stem on each section you cut off. (you can cut this all up at once if you like, but I like to cut it as I go)

How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

Step two:

Move the leaves on your wreath away to reveal the base of the wreath. Take the stem of the section you just cut and push it into the wreath base to secure it. You can also super glue the stem in, but I found that it was pretty secure just by pushing it into the wreath base.

How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

Step three:

Make sure the leaves that you are adding are going the same direction as the original leaves on the wreath so that the final look is cohesive. Continue cutting leaf sections and securing them into the wreath. Place sections on the inside and outer edge of the wreath as you go to give nice even coverage.

How to create a fall wreath for Halloween

Step four:

Once you have completed the entire wreath, go back and add in any extra leaves to sections that are a bit empty. I like the look of incorporating a larger number of fall leaves to my wreath for a bigger fall effect.


I found this cute bat garland on Ebay as well and it’s so cute! It was really inexpensive and I ordered 3 packs. I taped together 2 packs to make it all around my door, and used the third garland on my fireplace.


I can’t believe I found all the supplies I needed on ebay! I just typed in what I was looking for (ie: faux fall leaves), then filtered by 2 day shipping, and I had lots of great options to choose from.


NOW I get to reveal Eli’s Halloween costume with you! You guys, this year’s costume is going to be pretty obvious if you follow me on stories. Eli has a strong love for DJ Marshmello (he likes his dances, his music, and eating the food). He does his little Marshmello dance everywhere we go. I gave him a Marshmello mask for his birthday, but I wanted one that lit up for him to wear on Halloween so I can keep track of him easily while we are trick or treating.


Eli's easy DJ Marshmello costume for Halloween

Look what I found on ebay!

This mask was so perfect. It was so inexpensive and the best part is it has a button attached to it that lights up the face with blue lights! You should have seen his face when I showed him. He is obsessed! This mask I grabbed on ebay made for the easiest, funniest costume!


Eli's easy DJ Marshmello costume for Halloween

Eli's easy DJ Marshmello costume for Halloween

Eli's easy DJ Marshmello costume for Halloween

As you start to decorate for Halloween, make sure you mark ebay as a shopping destination! They have all things Halloween at a great price points. I always filter by the “buy it now” and “2 day shipping” options and I’m really impressed with their selection.



Halloween is only 11 days away, so I wanted to put all of my past costume tutorials in one spot for you guys to get some inspiration!  If you’re like me, Halloween always gets my creativity going. I love creating a costume that is unique and my own. The links for the tutorials are below each picture. I can’t wait to share our costumes for this year with you guys in just a couple weeks!









For more Halloween costume inspiration, check out this post with pictures of all of our past costumes!

If you’re looking for a quick costume that you don’t have to make yourself, here are some of the best places to shop for you and your little ones:



Under the sea family Halloween costume.

Happy Halloween! I always say that Halloween is my secret favorite holiday. I look forward to it so much! We are huge fans of dressing up, and this year Bradley came up with the idea to do and underwater theme, so we went with it! I love my little sea turtle, deep sea divers and my handsome shark (who is always the best sport for dressing up!)

A mermaid and baby sea turtle costume.

Deep sea divers + shark family Halloween costume.I think this one is my very favorite picture from the whole shoot!

Under the sea family Halloween costume.

Under the sea family Halloween costume.Baby sea turtles are my favorite animal, so I could hardly handle Eli’s cuteness in this costume!

Deep sea divers Halloween costume.

A shark and mermaid couples costume.

Baby Sea Turtle costume

Scuba divers and sea turtle kids costume.

A mermaid, a shark, deep sea divers, and a baby sea turtle family Halloween costumes.

A mermaid and baby sea turtle costume.

Shark and scuba diver Halloween costume.

Under the sea family Halloween costume.

Under the sea family Halloween costume

Eli’s Sea Turtle Costume | Moccasins

Garrett’s Shark Costume

I made the boy’s costumes, they were really simple- just a long sleeved black shirt and black sweatpants. I originally borrowed wet suits for them to wear, but when I tried on Cash’s he looked at me and said “mom I can’t breathe!” so I decided to nix that idea. I just cut out foam flippers and hot glued elastic to the ends so they could slide their shoes through. For their scuba gear, I just spray painted soda bottles and duct taped the arm straps on, and black plastic tubing and a black round something-or-other from the hardware store. And for their masks I just cut a hole in a black adult beanie.

I made my mermaid costume- check back tomorrow for the full tutorial on how I made it and all the beauty/makeup products that I used!

  • You can check out past costumes that I have made for the boys here
  • The tutorial for my costume for Tinkerbelle  costume here
  • My tutorial for a Grecian Goddess here
  • An old post with pictures from all our past Halloween costumes here (including Brittney Spears and K-Fed when Garrett and I were dating! haha!).



photography by Kendra Maarse



It’s been so much fun sharing our Modern Girls Halloween with with you! We hope we’re inspired you to get creative this Halloween and try your hand at making your costume. If you are just tuning in, this week Merrick and I shared four different Halloween costumes you could make with the tutorials we teach in The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing. Here they all are…

We used the A-line skirt pattern and instructions from our Beginner’s Course to make a darling Tinkerbell and Mary Poppins costume, and the shift dress pattern and instructions from our Intermediate Course to make a killer Grecian Goddess and Kate Middleton costume. And then for each costume, we included an extra bonus tutorial for the accessories that will complete your costume.

Find the tutorial for Tinkerbell right here

Find the tutorial for Mary Poppins right here

Find the tutorial for the Grecian Goddess right here

Find the tutorial for Kate Middleton right here

There’s still time to take the course and get your costume done in time! Hop over to to find our courses. We have more Modern Girl sewing ideas in store for the holidays, so stay tuned!



My second costume for The Modern Girls Guide to Halloween week is a Grecian Goddess! I used a really lightweight sheer white chiffon with a swiss to make this shift dress. If you missed our other costumes earlier this week, make sure to check out my Tinkerbell costume and Merrick’s Mary Poppins costume, which we both made using the simple elastic waistband skirt that we teach you how to make in our Beginners Course.

In our Intermediate Course over at, we teach you more advanced skills than in our Beginner Course. We walk you through how to create and insert a sleeve along with everything else you need in order to create a simple shift dress- which is what I made for my Grecian Goddess costume. Shift dresses are so simple and the possibilities for costumes are endless!





Let us show you everything you need to know in order to make this shiftdress over at

I also included a tutorial on how to make my gold leaf Grecian headpiece to go with the dress. Click on the link below for the full tutorial.

Step 1: Gather Materials-
  • gold spray paint
  • fake berries and ivy
  • plant twisty ties or thin wire
Step 2: Wrap the plant wire around the fake string of berries, so that it can bend to form around your head and hold its shape.Step 3: Tie on any additional ivy or leaves for the full look.

Step 4: Spray your headpiece gold. Make sure every inch is covered in gold.

Step 5: Place it on top of your head similar to a headband, and bobby pin in place if necessary.

Step 6: Thats it! Super simple.




Since it’s Halloween month (aka- my secret favorite holiday), Merrick and I are bringing you some fun tutorials for costumes that you can make with our online sewing courses, The Modern Girls Guide to Sewing. In our beginners course, we teach you the basic skills of sewing, and at the end of the course we walk you through how to make a simple elastic waistband skirt. This type of skirt is so versatile! Today, I used all the steps for this skirt to make a simple skirt for…..Tink!


So head on over to, and pick up our beginners course. Since it is the beginning of October, there is plenty of time to learn the skills to make you or your daughter a simple elastic waistband skirt for a Tinkerbell costume!

To learn how to make Tinkerbell’s wand, click through for the full tutorial below. And stay tuned as we bring you more Halloween costumes that you can make with The Modern Girls Guide to Sewing online courses each day this week!


Step 1: Gather materials-

  • a wooden dowel
  • mylar streamers
  • glitter tape

Step 2: Wrap the glitter tape around the wooden dowel at an angle, to cover the entire stick. Secure with glue or tape at either end.

Step 3: Wrap a strip of glitter tape around the very edge of one of the ends of the dowel, sticking strips of mylar in a row to the tape before wrapping it all the way around.

Step 4: Thats it! Super simple and Tinkerbell approved.



Do your kids go back and forth over what they want to be for Halloween as much as mine do?  One day they were going to be Ninja Turtles, the next they were Mario and Luigi.  So I usually hold off on buying fabric for their costumes until 2 weeks before Halloween and go with whatever their latest desire is and tell them there is no turning back.  So a Red Ninja and a Blue Ninja it was!  Technically these are ninjas from the show Ninjago (which they pronounce incorrectly as “Ninja-Go!” and it is adorable).  I wasn’t about to attempt the cardboard lego-head look, so I just made the costumes as close to the characters as I could. And if you ask me, these ninjas have some pretty sweet Ninja-Go! moves. (keep your eyes peeled for the raised pinkies)

I’d say that Crocs and flip flops really complete the look.

Make your own!  They are fun, fairly simple, and a lot better looking than some of the store bought ninja costumes (although those are always so tempting when I am up sewing into the wee night hours).

Click through below for the tutorial…


  • 1 1/2 yards fabric for 4T/5T (1 yd fabric for 2T/3T)
  • 3 yards of trim
  • 1 1/4 yards of rope
  • 1 yard of 1″ wide elastic
  • matching thread
  • 15″ thick gold leather/ribbon 

Step 1:
Using an existing top and pajama pants, lay them flat onto you fabric folded lengthwise and cut to create your pattern pieces.  Make note of the fold in the first photo above, to keep your pieces symmetrical.

*When cutting out your pant legs cut the top of the pants 1 1/2″ above the actual pant.  This will be turned over for the waistband.  Also, the front of the waist is usually about an inch lower that the back of the waist, so make that adjustment after cutting out your 2 pant sections.

Step 2:
Place your two top front piece r.s. together on top of your top back piece.  Stitch with 1/4″ s.a. along the neckline, and along the sides, leaving an opening at the top for the sleeve hole.

Step 3:
Fold your sleeve piece r.s. together and stitch along the side with 1/4 seam allowance.  Do this to both sleeves.

Step 4:
With the top section still inside-out, slide one sleeve right-side-out into one of the arm holes, matching up the seam allowances.  Stitch the sleeve around the hole with 1/4″ s.a.  Repeat with second sleeve.

Step 5:
Fold a pant leg r.s. together lengthwise and stitch from the bottom of the inside top curve down the full length of the pant with 1/4″ s.a.  Do the same to the second pant leg.  Then with both pant legs still inside-out and facing the same direction, slide one pant leg into the opening of the other pant leg, matching up seam allowances at the top.  The curves at the top of the pant leg should all match up and form a U when flattened (see photo).  Stitch along this curve 1/4″ s.a. and turn r.s. out.

Step 6:
Fold the top of your pant waist over (with the raw edges facing inward) 1 1/2″ and press.  Stitch along the edge of the fold leaving a 2″ opening.  Cut elastic to measure 1″ larger than your child’s waist (when fitted snug around the waist) and insert it into the 2″ opening for the waistband.  Stitch the elastic together once it has gone all the way around the waist, and then stitch the 2″ waistband opening closed.

Step 7:
Now attach the trim.  I didn’t really measure my trim out for each area, I just grabbed my trim, laid it on top of the edge of the section I was adding trim to, with about 1/2″ overlapping the fabric, and stitch it to the fabric all around, cutting off when you get to the end.  Add from No Fay to the trim edges to keep from fraying.

For the “Ninja Masks”  (I’m going to go ahead and use that term lightly), I just cut out a rectangle that measured from ear to ear, create a few small pleats and stitch those up, and attach some elastic that will fit their head so that it is snug but not too tight.

I also cut some of the leather trim about 7″ per shoulder, and hot glued it along the curve of the shoulder to give it a bit more “warrior” feel.  I got extra brownie point from the boys for this touch.

Then hot glue/tape/burn the edges of the rope to keep from fraying and you have your belt!



Today I’m giving you a peek into our Halloween decorations this year.  I wanted to keep things pretty simple, and just played up a black and white theme.  This will be a really quick and easy to transition into Thanksgiving once Halloween is over.  I could keep those white pumpkins up all year round.

The boys are really into crafts right now.  Which is fun, because that’s totally up my alley.  We made simple cotton ball ghosts that were quick, easy, and not super messy (all of which are key ingredients for a good kids project).  Then I hung them across our front window.  The boys love to admire their handiwork.

When I was setting up to make the ghost, Bradley told me he wanted be filmed while they made them.  So I set up my computer really quick and caught the following gem of a video.  This is incredibly crappy quality, but here is a tutorial for the ghosts by Bradley!  (Cash giggling to himself at the beginning of the video…I could die).



secret favorite holiday

Happy Halloween! 
Batman, Robin, Catwoman, and Penguin 

(check out some of our past Halloween costumes here)

happy halloween!

Arrr Mateys!  Have a fantastic Halloween everyone!
* I must note that I did NOT make Bradley’s Halloween costume this year.  I just didn’t have the energy, and 14 bucks at Old Navy sounded pretty dang good to me.  So I grabbed his costume along with a sword, hat, hook, and parrot and called it good.  Then I went through all my scraps of fabric and threw together our costumes.  It took a grand total of 30 minutes and it was the best stress free Halloween ever.  
I have put more effort into our costumes years past, and made a lot of them.  Let’s take a little walk down memory lane….
Mad Hatter, Alice, the White Rabbit
Swine Flu
Sarah Palin and John McCain
Dwight and Angela
K-Fed and Britney Spears
What are you guys dressing up as this year?