When I find a product that makes my life a little easier, I have to share. Today I compiled all of my favorite household items that I Ioved all of last year and will continue to use. Most of these I use on a daily basis and you see me using time and time again on insta stories.

Top 10 home products of 2019







Pebble Ice Machine – Don’t make the mistake of getting a cheaper one that breaks on you 5 months later like I did. Just start right with this pebble ice machine and live like a queen. It’s the first thing we use in the morning and the last thing we use at night. I read all the reviews and while there are some lemons out there, we haven’t had a single issue with ours (just clean it every few months and unplug when you leave on vacation). Your house will be the most popular house to grab a cold glass of Mother Juice. Promise. Next on my list is this side tank attachment so we don’t have to refill the water as frequently. 



Soda Stream – I was highly skeptical that we would get much use out of this, but I bought it for Garrett’s birthday because he was obsessed. I’m so glad I did because bubbly water with ½ a lemon heaven sent during my first trimester. I may have exploded a container of water all over the kitchen the first time I tried using it, but I promise it’s easy  (that was just user error). After 3 months we are replacing the CO2 container for around $35 and we were spending about that per month on cans of La Croix before. All in all I’m very happy with it! I bought this starter pack that comes with extra cans for water and I’m glad I did, it’s really night having chilled bottles of water in the fridge ready to go when we want to use it. There is a slightly less expensive model where you manually pump with a button on the top, but on this one I just tap the button with 1 water drop twice and it’s plenty of fizz for us. I usually add half a lime to mine with a little of the raspberry flavoring. 



Portable phone keyboard – Makes working from my phone so much more efficient. I can write an email or respond to messages faster from my car with my phone instead of waiting to be at my computer to send longer messages. I get messages almost daily asking for the link to this keyboard so I wanted to make sure to include it in this post!



Crystal Light Energy Citrus – My current Mother Juice of choice. (for those wondering, Mother Juice is just my term for any liquid containing caffeine that helps a mother get through her day). This flavor is so yummy and refreshing, like an orange lemonade. Every morning I fill up my Hydro Flask with pebble ice, water, and ¾ packet of CLE Citrus. I squeeze in ½ a lemon if we have one on hand and it’s divine. 



LG Cordzero Vacuum – You can see how amazing this vacuum is in this post. I’ve used other cordless vacuums and this one wins. The second battery is a game changer! I never worry about running out of batteries when I vacuum. 



Folex – You girls recommended this carpet stain remover and I can’t thank you enough. I still can’t understand how easily it lifts and removes any rug stains before I even rub it in. No need to rinse it out, so it’s fast and easy. Grab a big bottle here on Amazon for only around $13. I spray my outdoor furniture pads with this throughout the summer and it keeps them so clean. 



Storm Candle – We all know my love affair with this candle. SO many if you bought it and love it too. It smells just like the Volcano Capri Blue candle and a huge bottle is under $20, grab one at HomeGoods! Look for a dark blue bottle. I’ve also seen you girls find it in a white and gray container as well! I wish I could link to it, but HomeGoods and sometimes TJ Maxx will be your best bet. 



Car Magnetic Phone Holder – I went through a few different car phone mounts before I found this tiny and powerful magnetic car holder. I love that it’s small enough to stick anywhere in my car, and I can have my phone facing straight on me, or move it in any direction. I got one for Garrett too.



Phone Tripod – I haven’t raved about this in my stories enough. I have 2 of these small tripods now and I use them constantly when filming content or taking family pictures. It folds up small but opens to be tall enough to take a quick family photo before church. It has a bluetooth remote that connects right to it so you never lose track of it. I also set it up on my vanity when I film in my bathroom. Love how small and compact it is!



Hydro Flask Bottle with Rubber Straw – My girlfriend Diane got me hooked on this Hydro Flask. It isn’t any Hydro Flask thought, it’s very specific. You need to get this base first and then also get this rubber straw attachment to go with it. I was just getting by with my metal straws, but I love this big rubber straw! So easy to clean and drink out of. Of course I want more colors now. Such a good purchase from 2019.














Summer Loves

1.  Tortiseshell Sunglasses (similar) //  I feel like everyone looks good in a great pair of tortiseshells.
2.  ELF Pink Passion Blush //  This color looks like your cheeks will be bright enough to stop traffic, but when applied it is much more subtle and cheeks look perfectly fresh and sun-kissed.
3.  Mitch Stone Lustre Drops //  More than just argan oil.  My hair is insanely soft and shiny when I use this because it is loaded with vitamins that are great for your hair.  And it’s the only thing that will tame the frizziness all this California humidity brings.  Read more here.
4.  Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock //  The only drugstore sunscreen I trust on my face. 
5.  Fashion A-Z // Perfect size for the pool bag, and is loaded with great inspiration for my new designs.
6.  Massi Tote // I can’t get enough of this bag.  Great shape, perfect print.  And I never have to worry about the leather straps giving out on me (because lets be honest, it is constantly loaded with multiple sippy cups and parking lots full of matchbox cars).
7.  White Brimmed Hat (similar / similar) //  Super chic way to block those rays from your face at the pool.  A must have.
8.  San Sol // The most amazing foaming tanner.  I usually throw some on my legs the night before church, and it gives me great color that is even and non-smelly.  No me gusta smelly tanner.

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my favorite things:: make-up basics

1 (light brown)/2 (in baby doll- only $1!)/3 (in buff)/4 (in kid)/5 (NW25)/6 (black)

my favorite things:: Maca Root Shave Cream

So this shaving cream may say its for men, but I beg to differ. Last summer my legs would get really itchy and irritated every time I shaved. I tried new razors and new creams, but this stuff did the trick. A little goes a very long way and one bottle usually lasts both Garrett and I a solid 6 months. It lathers great and my legs haven’t had any problems since.
This might be a random favorite thing…but it’s a good one!

my favorite things:: Under Armour Sports Bra

When I started up running again since having Cash, I had been on the lookout for a good sports bra.  I didn’t have any super nice supportive ones while I was nursing Bradley and training for a half….partially because I was in denial that I would like running enough to make an “investment” in a sports bra.  Probably my most embarrassing moment ever consisted of a complete stranger coming up to me and telling me I needed a more supportive sports bra after a run on an indoor track.  I pretty much just stared at her, dumbstruck.  “Um….I’m nursing.” was all I could think to say.  Long story short, I was mortified.  I had just started training, taken in the sides of my bra to be more supportive a few days previous, and was doing the best I could with my recently developed double D’s.  That’s not happening again.  (I’m not even going to mention the fact that this lady was walking the track barefoot…gross)
This time around, I was ready for the real deal.  I saw this post a while back, and mentally “pinned” it for when I was ready to start running again.  I just got it this past weekend and I love it!  It offers plenty support for the “ladies” and the front zipper is incredibly convenient when I need to breastfeed.  This one is worth the investment. 

my favorite things:: Mrs. Meyers countertop spray

I love hearing about cool products.  And when I find products I love, I want to tell everyone I know about them.  So I’m starting up a fun little weekly post (or bi-weekly, or whenever I feel like posting them…don’t really want to set myself up to fail) that will feature a product that I am smitten with.
Today I want to tell you how much I love Mrs. Meyers countertop spray in geranium scent.
I love that I can disinfect my kitchen and have it smell like flowers instead of chemicals.  I love Mrs Meyers products in general because they use great smelling natural essential oils, but the countertop spray is my favorite.
What cleaning products can you not live without?