crib bedding 101

I have had a lot of requests for my bedding measurements, so without further ado, here are the measurements I used for my crib bedding.  The measurements should work just fine for most cribs, but just to be safe, make sure to measure your own crib to double check that the measurements will work for yours.
First things first- Here are the amounts of fabric I purchased for each section of the bedding:


4.6 yards of fabric total (168″ L X 45″ W)

If you want to do 1 print on the outside and a different print on the inside, you will need 2 1/3 yard of each fabric (84″).

Ties for the Bumper:

did 12 ties total.  You can make yours thicker or thinner, whatever you prefer.  For the size that I have, you will need a total of 1 yard (you will have a little left over).

I couldn’t find the piping color that I wanted, but they
do sell pre-made piping in a few different colors.  If you can, try to
find piping that is already pre-made.  It makes things a lot easier.

You will need 4 1/2 yards of piping
(If you are making your own piping, you only need about 1 yard of fabric to cover the piping and 4 1/2 yards of uncovered piping.)

Dust Ruffle:

1 1/2 yards of white fabric for the top part that lays under the mattress.  This can be the very inexpensive white muslin since it will not show.

2 1/2 yards of fabric for the dust ruffle.

*note:  You will need 4 of the long sides and 4 of the short sides cut total.  I specified that you will need 2 of each in the directions above assuming that a different fabric would be used for the front and back of the bumper pads.
The tie measurements above with give you ties that are 1 1/2″ wide.  Once you have your ties completed, fold them in half, and spread the ends to form a V.  Then, place them on the right-side of the bumper pad that you want to be facing out, like so:
(since the bars on cribs are not all spaced out the same, you will need to measure and mark where you want your ties to be so that they will match up with the bars on your crib)
If you are using piping, next you will place the piping along the top of the bumper, with the selvage edges matching up with the selvage edges of the bumper:
(make sure you use a zipper food when attaching the side with the piping so that you stitch as close to the piping as possible)
Make sure to add the ties to the bottom as well.  Before laying what will be the backside of the bumper piece on top of this front bumper piece (right-sides together), this is what it should look like:
If you don’t have bumpers that you are going to cover, you can just make your own.  I purchased a large foam pad from Joann’s that was 23″ X 61″ and about 2 1/2″ thick.  Then I cut 2 strips that
were 50 1/2 ” X 12″ and 2 that were 23″ X 12″ so that they would fit
snugly along the sides of the crib.
Next is the crib skirt.  This is really simple, only a few straight lines.  Just remember that you only need one long side cut for the front of the crib skirt, since nobody will see the back of the crib.

And there you go!  For some, it might be worth it to just purchase the bedding of your dreams for $300 since this is a pretty time consuming project.  But if your are a fairly intermediate sewer, make your own!  It is so satisfying to have exactly the bedding with the fabrics and colors that you have been dreaming about.
*piping tutorial coming soon

Wall Map Tutorial

Today I’m going to show you how to create this over sized wall map I created for the boys room.  I love the look of great big maps on the wall.  I thought about cutting out sections of the map and framing them, but this method was much more cost effective and gave me exactly the look I was going for.  This entire project only cost me about $26!
{Here are the materials you will need}
+ a large over sized map (make sure it is NOT laminated)
I used this one from Amazon.  Only $7!
+  four large pieces of canvas
(I got mine from Hobby Lobby.  They were 16 x 20 and came in packs of two for only $7)
  +  foam paint brush
 +  8 oz. tub of mod podge (I used the matte finish)
 I originally thought it would be easier to attach the map to the canvas with craft bond spray, but the Mod Podge worked better.  And I thought about giving it an antique look with the stain but decided that I liked it better with the map color on it’s own.
Step 1:  Lay out the canvas mats onto the map covering the sections of the map that you would like to use.  I wanted the top and bottom sections of the map to match up as close as possible.  Lightly trace around the borders of the canvas with a pencil and cut out with a paper cutter for a straight finished edge.
Step 2:  Place the
map upside down on a table right next to the canvas and apply a very
thick coat of Mod Podge.  Quickly transfer the backside of the map
covered in Mod Podge to the front of the canvas.  It is hard to move it
once it has been placed, so be careful to match up all of the corners. 
Take a ruler or flat object and slide it across the map to smooth out
any bubbles.  Don’t worry too much if some sections are lifted, as it
dries the bubbles should go away.  Wait a few hours for Mod Podge to dry.

Step 3: Paint the Mod Podge over the front of the map in long straight strokes.  Make sure to get plenty of Mod Podge on the brush.  I only had to go over the map with one coat, but you can do more depending on the look you want.  Let dry completely before hanging.  The Mod Podge makes the color on the map even more vibrant.

And that’s it!  Make sure to hang each section evenly, only a few inches apart, for a nice finished look.

the boy cave

The room:
The boys room really turned out exactly as I had pictured it in my head.  Bradley’s nursery was very light and calming.  But now that I have two boys, I wanted to make the room a lot more masculine.  I fell in LOVE with the Ikat print, green geo print, and of course navy and white stripes, and had to incorporate them all.  The bunting and the quilt really pull all the fabrics together since they combine them all.  I wanted to keep the aqua wall since I am still in love with the color.  I got the navy minky for the back side of the quilt from the fabric district in LA, and used the tiny piece that was left over from it to create the cover for the changing pad. 

It’s a perfect room for these two little loves…


All of the bedding, pillows, and curtains were sewn by me.
front bumper: Navy Diamond Ikat (by Dear Stella)
back bumper: Forever Stripe in navy (currently out of stock)
crib skirt: Robert Kauffman Metro Living Circles
green pillows: Free Spirit Honey Child (green)
ikat pillow: Amy Butler Lark Midnight Blue
duvet + sham: Premier Prints Vertical Stripe (navy)
navy pillow and curtains inspired by: Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Paint color: Sherwin Williams Waterfall rug: vintage from Garrett’s Grandma, crib: Sorelle (via Babinski’s), rocking chair: flea market, changing table: Target, knobs: Hobby Lobby,  frames/fish: Home Goods, wall map: made by me (tutorial coming!), bunting: made by me (tutorial coming!), lamp: Wal-mart (I added the navy ribbon border), stuffed animals: blabla 


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