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When I was pregnant with Eli, I was really against having any kind of shower. He was my third baby, and my third BOY. I didn’t need very many new boy things…I’m swimming in boy things! I also thought I would feel so silly being celebrated for becoming a mom, when I was already a mom. I also hate to admit it, but I was having a bit of a hard time with the fact that I was having another boy, and I was worried that another baby boy shower would just make me sad that I wasn’t having a girl. Luckily, I have amazing friends that pushed for it, and they put together a little “sprinkle” (or a celebration honoring a new baby for a mom that has already had her first baby) in honor of Eli anyway. He ended up being born a few weeks before the celebration, so I brought him along to the dinner. I must say, after being “sprinkled” for the third time around, all of my opinions on having a shower for any child after your first have completely changed. I loved Eli with all my heart and was so proud of him. From that day on I concluded that every baby should be celebrated, no matter how many kids you already have!

Recently, four of my best friends all gave birth to baby boys. Can you even handle these pictures?! First off, aren’t my friends gorgeous? All of their kids are just as beautiful too.

This was each of my friends’ second or third child, and now that my opinion had changed, I wanted to make sure that we still “sprinkled” each one of them (and honestly, how often are four of your friends pregnant at the same time with the same gender?!). When I asked each of these four friends what they could use this time around, they all said, “just get me diapers!” Moms who are having a second or third baby already know the huge number of diapers new babies go through, so a simple celebration where each guest just brings a pack of diapers is my favorite way to go! This way, the mom feels loved celebrating a new baby, and she leaves with an important baby item that she will need and use. Pampers Swaddlers are my favorite diaper to give as a gift because I loved them so much with my newborn babies. They are great for stopping blowouts, extra gentle on new baby’s skin, have a wetness indicator on the front of the diaper that easily shows when your baby might need a diaper change, and the newborn diapers even have a contoured umbilical notch so that it doesn’t rub on your brand new baby’s sensitive belly button.

Here are a few tips on how to throw a successful “sprinkle:”

  • Keep the decorations simple: For this sprinkle I threw up some cute bunting, decorated the tables with a few flower arrangements, grabbed cupcakes from a local grocery store (this busy mom of three doesn’t have time for treats from scratch, haha!), and I added a few simple photo opp accessories like little mustaches for a baby boy (or you could do hair bows for a baby girl).
  • Skip the games: Too many baby shower games can get a little long and might feel like too much. For a sprinkle, I think it’s okay to forgo the games, or keep them really easy. If you want to do something with the group to spark conversation, have everyone go around the room and give a piece of advice to the mom, or share a funny story of when they had a major “mom fail” or something along those lines. Keep it to easy conversation starters and let the discussion flow naturally. Since the mom has most likely already done more “game” type of activities for her first baby shower, these don’t need to be repeated a second or third time around.
  • Give the sprinkled momma what she will really use: We asked the guests at this sprinkle to simply bring a pack of diapers! It was super easy and all of my pregnant friends were appreciative. Veteran moms know how gentle Pampers Swaddlers are for newborn babies, so they loved it.
  • Make the sprinkle a brunch or a dinner at a fun restaurant rather than an elaborate event: For my sprinkle with Eli we had dinner in the back room at one of our favorite restaurants. For this sprinkle for my girlfriends, we shared simple treats on my friend’s beautiful back deck. Casual and simple is the key for a sprinkle!




photography by Jordan Zobrist



Holiday parties are so much fun to attend, and to throw.
This year I decided to get some of my girlfriends together and have a little
Secret Santa party. We usually hang out together at the park while we run
around after our kiddos, so it was nice to have a quiet night together after
all our kids went to sleep.
My favorite part about the party was that everyone gave such
thoughtful gifts to the girl they were assigned to bring a gift for! We all
have various interests, styles, and personalities so it was so fun to see what
each girl was gifted.
I put together a few quick tips on how to throw a successful
Secret Santa party. I kept this one really simple, with a few pretty décor
items from World Market that helped add elegance and style to the décor.
Keep the number intimate and even-
Its fun when you have a change to chat with each person at a
small gathering. I think around 6-8 people makes for a fun intimate party. And
the number needs to be even so that everyone that brings a gift gets a gift.
Set a price point-
Make sure everyone is aware and comfortable with the price
point you set for the Secret Santa gifts. Sending out a group text is helpful
and asking for input just to feel out to make sure everyone is ok with the
amount being spent on a present. Our price point was $25 for each girl. Also
make sure everyone knows whether they are getting a nice gift or a funny gift.
Both make for a great party, but its important to make sure everyone is on the
same page with the kind of gift to bring. Same thing goes for dress. I asked
the girls if they would rather come in festive jammies or nicer holiday
outfits. It’s important to get input from people attending to make sure
everyone will be happy and comfortable.
Ask for help-

Since the party is for close friends, no one will mind if
you ask for help! I asked each girl to bring an appetizer. I know the girls in
our group love a good appetizer, where candy and desserts might not get eaten
as much. So try and tailor the food to what you know your friends will want to
everything is currently 10% off at World Market online till Wednesday!


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Garrett’t 30th birthday was last week, and I had so much fun helping him celebrate.  We had some friends over for a black and white “Friendsgiving”.  Each couple brought a different Thanksgiving side dish, and we feasted the night away. 
I will never tire of having these lights strung across the backyard. They have become a permanent fixture, and its an instant party once I turn those bad boys on. 
And no party is ever complete without a photobooth.  This one from Minted was perfect!  You better believe I’ll be busting it out every chance I get.  
A few weeks ago, TOMS sent me over the most hilarious “together sweater”.  We got to experience it at the TOMS for Target launch party, and it is a fantastic piece of clothing.  I presented Garrett with this “gift” at the party, and wouldn’t let anyone leave until they enjoyed the pure joy of a double headed sweater.  Move over Snuggie.  

Table Runner, Place Cards (with free guest name printing!), Photobooth Backdrop: Minted c/o | Gold chargers: Michaels

Stay tuned this week as I roll out all of my top Christmas shopping picks.  Black Friday is coming and I’ve been working to find you some of the best presents out there.  

Baby Shower: Gold + Coral

My friend Sarah and I threw a baby shower from my long time friend/college roommate/coworker/shopping partner, Kelley.  I was in charge of invites and decor and loved getting to go as girly as possible with by favorite color combo as of late, gold, white, and coral.  I can’t wait to meet her sweet little love!

(sign-in tablecloth fabric c/o Dear Stella.  One of my absolute favorite fabric designers)

Fishy Party

Both boys were sick on Cash’s birthday, so we just kept his party simple with some family and a few close friends.  It was fun watching Cash demolish his cake.  I think the sugar helped boost his mood a bit.  Luckily the runny noses are subsiding.  Which is good because we have been developing a serious case of cabin fever!  I never thought I would be happy to see temperatures in the 30’s, but this week we are looking forward to actually seeing the sun!

Bradley’s Party

I did a nautical theme for Bradley’s birthday, since it was a pool party. It was fun to think up what I wanted for the decor and see it all come together.
The invite
The entrance table
We kept the food kid-friendly with hot dogs, fruit salad, and a yummy avocado salsa
The cake
Bradley’s 1 year banner
The birthday boy was thrilled 
He has never had so much sugar in his life and enjoyed every second of it.