and the winner is….

SPOILER ALERT: I’m posting on the Project Runway season finale, so if you haven’t watched it yet, stop reading and go watch your DVR!
I think Garrett was almost as excited as I was for the finale.  I love PR and usually want to run into my sewing room after watching it and start creating.  I was a little nervous about who the judges were going to pick in the end, because Josh wasn’t my fav.  I thought it would have been between Anya and Viktor for sure….so that was a little surprising.  But they made their decision, and I am so happy for this little lady:
Yes her collection was pretty much all dresses, but they were gorgeous and flowy.  And lets me honest…I die over a good dress/skirt.  I especially loved this piece:
Also, I wanted to remind you to send me over a picture of your MAXI SKIRTS!  I have loved seeing them come into my inbox.  I plan on doing the big Maxi post Thursday of next week.  I figured I’d give you guys a few days so that you can finish up your skirts and your Halloween costumes.
Which by the way, Bradley wore his today and I had a hard time keeping myself from pinching his little cheeks he looked so cute!