With this being my third pregnancy, I have a pretty good read on what my “pregnant body” needs in order to stay fit and healthy. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you have to let your body fall apart! Since finally feeling human again after the first trimester morning sickness/exhaustion/survival mode, I have really been focusing on my body and keeping it as healthy as possible.

Here are my top 3 ways to keep your body healthy during pregnancy:

With pregnancy can come some crazy hormone changes that can lead to breakouts and skin that you aren’t used to dealing with. During this pregnancy I have paid special attention to the kind of products I use on my skin. Because my skin tends to be more sensitive during pregnancy, I use Simple Skincare Moisturizing Facial Wash at night and Simple Skincare Protecting Light Moisturizer (with SPF!) in the morning. I love the Simple Skincare products because they are really gentle on my skin and don’t contain any harsh chemicals that would cause irritation. Both the cleanser and the lotion are made with triple-purified water, so they keep my skin extra hydrated and healthy.
The exhaustion that pregnancy brings can also lead to skipping your nightly skincare routine, which will make potential breakouts even worse. My advice is to wash your face 1-2 hours before even getting ready for bed. That way, when the tired stick hits you, you can just crash without having to spend an extra 10 (*cough* 20 *cough) minutes washing your face.


MATERNITY TOP: A PEA IN THE POD | MATERNITY LEGGINGS: A PEA IN THE POD (these have a yoga waistband that goes over the tummy or folds down for after pregnancy. I have to highlight how amazing these leggings are! The softest leggings I have ever felt and I love them just as much as my Lululemons!) | SPORTS BRA: UNDER ARMOR | SHOES: ASICS ‘KAHANA’
Just because your abs are no longer existent doesn’t mean you get to stop exercising! Exercising is so good and beneficial during pregnancy, as long as you do it correctly. Working out can help give you those endorphins during crazy hormonal freak outs, and can help your body bounce back faster once the baby is here. A good rule of thumb that my doctor has always told me is that if I was doing it before pregnancy, I can pretty much still do it during pregnancy. But make sure to listen to your body! If those ligaments are tightening and killing you after too many squats or after a longer run, tone it down. You aren’t working out to lose weight now, you are working out to keep you body healthy, so don’t go overboard. I ran regularly before my pregnancy, so I’m usually fine with a 3 mile run a few times a week. (Cash is my running partner. No joke, that kid can keep up with me no problem! But he does require a rest and fruit snacks every 20 minutes)
In addition to short distance running, pilates are my absolute go-to during pregnancy. I have done them through all of each of my pregnancies and I love how gentle it is on my body, while still working out muscles. Here is my favorite workout from a pilates class I took years ago:
  • Lay on your back with legs straight and arms to your side. Sick a pillow or two to prop your back/neck up if it’s too uncomfortable to lay flat on your back.
  • 20 reps: Point your right toe and lift your right leg straight up so that it is perpendicular to your body, then lower, in a slow controlled movement.
  • 20 reps: Flex your right foot and while keeping your leg straight, lift it up and diagonal to the right, going as high as you can then back down again.
  • 16 reps: Combine the two moves, point your right leg straight up in the air, back down, then flex and to the diagonal, and back down.
  • 16 reps: Flex your right leg, keep it straight, and move your leg from the right at a diagonal across your body. Think of it as trying to point your heal from one corner of a square room to the corner diagonal from it. (it kills!)


Repeat this with your left leg.
After any run or workout I am usually on the go and don’t have time to get back home and shower right away.  So I just keep a pack of Simple Skincare Cleansing Facial Wipes in my car to quickly wash my face with when I am done. It is fast and quick and keeps my skin from drying out and breaking out around my scalp where I sweat the most. Find out how you can #TestTheWater here
When hunger strikes during pregnancy, you need to eat AND YOU NEED TO EAT NOW! Those hunger pains are no joke and can completely take control of every ounce of healthy food willpower you have. So stay on top of your meals. Don’t wait till you are famished to think about eating. Plan out your meals and eat something every two hours.
I tend to find something I like and make it over and over again, just for the sake of keeping things healthy and quick. There ain’t no time to be baking up some lemon caper salmon for an early brunch to stay healthy. I have kids! and errands! and a million things to do! So my healthy go-to meal that I always have stocked in my fridge is this quick healthy wrap. It only take a few ingredients and doesn’t require any washing, slicing, or dicing:
  • 1 whole wheat tortilla
  • hummus
  • deli sliced roasted bell pepper strips
  • deli sliced peperoncinis
  • feta
  • a handful of spinach
  • red wine vinegar


I just take a whole wheat tortilla, spread some hummus on one side, pile on some roasted bell pepper strips, peperoncinis, feta, a handful of spinach, and a few dashes of red wine vinegar (I use quite a bit, since I love the taste of it). Then wrap it up and you’re done with lunch. It’s got a great flavor, it fills you up, and it’s healthy! So much better than that Diet DP and your kids old Butterfinger right?!
And that’s it! The important part is to do what you can to stay healthy. It will pay off once that baby is here, and you will have a lot less catching up to do to get back into your pre-baby body.
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