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You know what it feels like we have a lot more time for these days? Skincare. One benefit of being cooped up inside while working from home is that I’ve noticed we are spending a little more time on our skin, especially at night when we are ready to curl up in bed, forget some of the craziness going on in the world, and enjoy a show!







I started this little nighttime skincare “hack” a few months back and I love it so much. I’ve shared it a few times on my IG stories and it’s so fun to see you girls starting to do the same! Here is what I do…


By the end of the day I’m exhausted and I’ve been trying to climb into bed a little earlier to spend more time relaxing and de-stressing. I have started keeping a bag on my nightstand and doing my skincare routine from my bed and it’s the perfect way to relax! By the end of the day it hurts my back to stand too long in the bathroom anyway, so I brush my teeth, wash my face, then hop in bed with my nightly skincare products. Here is what I apply while binging my favorite show:


  1. I use my microneedling tool to prep my skin. It helps my skin absorb all of my skincare much more effectively. 


  1. I apply my serum. I have been using Olay’s Deep Hydration Serum with Vitamin B3 + Hyaluronic Acid every single night for the past few weeks and I have loved my results. The serum acts like a cool drink of water for my skin, and I’ve noticed visibly dewy skin in the morning! I apply it by putting a full dropper of the serum into the palm of my hands, then gently pressing/ patting the serum into my skin.


  1. I apply my nighttime moisturizer to lock in my serum. I take my moisturizer all the way down to my neck and chest. (make sure apply the moisturizer to your neck by moving your hands up from the base of your neck to your chin, rather than stretching that skin downward)


  1. I put my eye cream on my ring finger and gently pat it in all around my eyes. 


  1. I apply my lip mask to make sure my lips stay moisturized all night. 


If you haven’t already, I encourage you to throw your nighttime skincare in a bag on your nightstand and try this technique! It allows all of the products to sit and absorb into my skin and Garrett doesn’t have to sit around waiting for me forever before starting a show.





I want to dive a little deeper into serums. Why should we use a serum? A serum is a not-quite-liquid, not-quite-solid formula that delivers concentrated ingredients deep into your skin’s surface.  




Many of you have asked about a serum I could recommend at a good price point and after really taking the time to use it myself, I can confidently recommend Olay’s Deep Hydration Serum. This serum contains Vitamin B3 + Hyaluronic Acid and acts like a drink of water for your skin. I love how hydrated and dewy my skin is in the morning after using this serum. It’s also fragrance-free, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t contain any parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or synthetic dyes.






I am very happy to be partnering with Olay on this post because I’m so excited about their Real Skin Promise. Have you heard about it? Olay made a promise for zero skin retouching across all advertising materials. I explained this concept to my photographer when we were shooting these images and she was so excited about it as well! It allows you to clearly see my skin without layers of filters. I just had my photographer do a little lighting adjustment in the professional photos, and in the before/after below I just used natural light to showcase my skin makeup free before and after using Olay’s Deep Hydration Serum.



 Before using Olay’s serum / 14 days after using Olay’s serum each night


I hope this helped clear up any questions you had on serums and I really hope you give my nighttime skincare hack a try! I promise it’s so much more relaxing from bed!

You can find Olay’s Deep Hydration Serum at Target, click here to shop!





I’ve tried dozens of at home skin tools over the years to help with blemishes, fine lines, and firmer glowing skin. One of the major perks of my job is that I’ve been able to test out a lot of these products. I am always very picky about the ones I choose to share with you, because I want to make sure that I really take the time to test out a product before I recommend it.

3 Beauty Tools that have given me skin that is clearer, firmer, and glowing.

I’ve been using the following three beauty tools for over one year consistently, and my skin has never been better. I drink more water, use sunscreen every single day, and have a 30 minute nighttime routine that has added to the quality of my skin. But today I wanted to share the three skin beauty tools that I can happily recommend. These three products have been game changers for me!


3 Beauty Tools that have given me skin that is clearer, firmer, and glowing.

1. SPIN FOR PERFECT SKIN BRUSH (+ discount code!)


I’ve been talking about how much I love my Spin for Perfect Spin Brush for years. It was one of the #1 tools that completely cleared up my skin. I take my spin brush with me whenever I travel and I never miss a night using it- even if I didn’t wear makeup that day. I wash my face first with a gently cleansing oil or wash to get my makeup off. And then use an exfoliator on my skin with my spin brush. This gets my skin completely clean. I’m always amazed at how much makeup comes off on my brush.

3 Beauty Tools that have given me skin that is clearer, firmer, and glowing.

This brush is normally $100. But with the code LBSPIN it will get you $70 off, making it only $30! It comes with 4 different brushes, a soft cleansing, an exfoliating brush, a large body brush, and a pumice stone. I’ve given this brush to my mom, sisters-in-law, friends, assistant, nephew. It makes the best gift!


Follow this link or use the code: LBSPIN to get $70 off a Spin for Perfect Skin brush.

3 Beauty Tools that have given me skin that is clearer, firmer, and glowing.


I was interested in trying a derma roller for a full year before I actually tried it. There are lots of different sizes and kinds of derma rollers out there. However, I picked up this one for $14. I’ve been using it every night for the past 3 months and I really liked it.


*** UPDATE – I’ve since purchased the GlowPRO (the origional version of the derma roller) and there is a night and day difference between this tool and the inexpensive Amazon derma roller. I think testing out a derma roller with the less expensive version is fine — but I wish I had purchased the GlowPRO months ago!  The quality and results are far superior. The micro needles are medical grade (where the $14 roller needles are not…not super interested in using them on my skin for a long period of time)

The GlowPRO has tiny little micro needles, and as you roll it over your skin it creates tiny little punctures (sounds painful…but I promise it’s not). This stimulates the rebuilding of collagen fibers beneath your skin. This has resulted in my skin looking plumper and has smoothed out fine lines. I use it mostly under my eyes along my cheekbones and on my lips. They look fuller in the morning! I was amazed after the first few times I tried it.

Another huge benefit is that the tiny holed from the penetration allow all of my nightly serums and moisturizers to be absorbed into my skin. I can see how much more effective they are. Over the years I have invested a lot of money in high quality skin product. Knowing that this tool helps these product to be more effective is enough of a selling point for me! I try to get everything applied on my skin within 1 minute after I use my derma roller (this is about how long the newly created microchannels are open to absorb products).

The GlowPRO derma roller also helps minimize the look of scars and stretch marks.

I roll it back and forth in all directions over my cheeks, lips, sides of my mouth and forehead for a total of about 1 minute 3-4X a week at night. Then I spray or soak the needles in rubbing alcohol to disinfect them.

I have had my eye on the Beauty Bio Science GloPRO derma roller for a while. The price tag is steep, which is why I tested out some inexpensive derma rollers first. But since purchasing the GlowPRO I’m 100% happy with my purchase. I’ve gotten better results over a shorter amount of time on my skin, and I feel much more confident using it knowing that the quality of the micro needles on this tool will benefit my skin.


3 Beauty Tools that have given me skin that is clearer, firmer, and glowing.


I have had my PMD tool for almost 6 years! But I have only been using it consistently for the past year. I use it once a week, and one of the important keys in helping this tool to work effectively is to change out the replacement discs regularly. I use one disc realistically 5-7 times before changing it out (it says every 3 uses, but I like to stretch it a bit. It’s easy to tell when the disc is worn down though because it is much less effective).

This tool is an at home microdermabrasion system that effectively removes any dead skin, and leaves my skin feeling brighter and tighter. My makeup goes on smooth and beautifully the morning after using my PMD and I always use it the day before a monthly dress shoot because my skin is noticeably glowing!

(for a full makeup lineup of why I use for my Monthly Dress shoots, check out this blog post)

3 Beauty Tools that have given me skin that is clearer, firmer, and glowing.

Another huge benefit I have seen after using this tool once a week is that my pores are noticeably smaller after using it. I can tell a difference the morning after..and a huge difference after using it consistently for about 4 weeks. The PMD and SKII are my 2 secret weapons for smaller pores!








(this are all products that I use highly recommend, and have/will purchase again. I’m picky and have sensitive skin, and these all have my seal of approval!)



Blush ruffle spring blouse with white lace skirt. SIMILAR LIGHT PINK TOP  ||  SIMILAR WHITE SKIRT

Best Aveeno Skincare Products I have loved Aveeno’s sensitive skincare line! None of the products have made me breakout! 

Best Aveeno Skincare Products

Blush ruffle spring blouse with white lace skirt.

Best Aveeno Skincare Products

Best Aveeno Skincare ProductsSIMILAR FLORAL ROBE

Best Aveeno Skincare Productstwo of my favorites: Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer & Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizing Night Cream 


I’ve talked about how important skincare is to me for years on the blog (especially after turning 30). I spend lot of time researching the most important and effective ways I can care for my skin now so that I can have long lasting results. I decided it was time to take my research one step further and speak with a professional about skincare. I had the pleasure of teaming up with Aveeno, and met for a one-on-one consultation with Dermatologist Lisa Chipps, M.D. in her beautiful Beverly Hills office.

Prior to our meeting, I was introduced to Aveeno’s line of skincare products tailored specifically to sensitive skin. I have spent the past three weeks incorporating this line into my daily beauty routine morning and night. I wanted to make sure to test this line long enough to see how if affected my skin. I have very sensitive skin, and have always burned easily. I have used many creams and washes on my face over the years that have caused me to break out, so I am always on the hunt for products that are effective yet gentle on my skin. I was so thrilled to find that none of these products caused me to break out! There were two front runners in this skincare line that I highly recommend:

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 30: If I could pass along one takeaway from my meeting with Dr. Chipps it would be to wear sunscreen every single day, even if you aren’t going to be in direct sun. I have always worn sunscreen on my face, but I struggled to find a daily lotion that doesn’t make me break out. I was so thrilled that this daily moisturizer has the recommended SPF 30, and it is 100% mineral based. The secret ingredient in this line is called FEVERFEW, a purified flower extract that helped reduce the redness in my complexion as well as protect it from harmful UV rays.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Hydrating Gel Cleanser: I switched out my face wash for this cleanser for the past three weeks and it is so calming and gentle! It also gets the job done. Some cleansers are gentle on my skin, but don’t remove my makeup very well. This one did a great job of removing my makeup and hydrating my skin.

I had a handful of questions I wanted to ask Dr. Chipps during our meeting, but I also reached out to a lot of you over on my instagram stories and asked you to send in questions too! So I went in with a laundry list for her. I got through as many questions as I could! Aveeno posted a lot of our interview over on their Instagram stories a few days ago, but I wanted to list out a few of the things I learned in this post as well for you to reference. The first 4 questions listed were mine, and all of the others were questions you submitted.

What kind of SPF protection do I need in my face lotion to make sure it lasts all day? The most effective sunscreens are ones that contain zinc and are broad spectrum mineral-based. SPF 30 is the lowest SPF you should apply (SPF 15 won’t do the trick), and you should apply it every single day regardless of whether or not you will be outside (rays come in through windows that damage skin as well…I didn’t even think about this!)

Why do some face lotions make me break out and others don’t? Many sunscreens with chemicals are harder on skin and can cause breakouts. Aveeno’s Ultra-Calming SPF Moisturizer doesn’t contain any chemicals, and I think this is what helped allow me to wear it without the breakouts.

If my makeup has sunscreen, do I still need to wear lotion with sunscreen? Yes! Makeup that contains sunscreen isn’t as effective as face lotion with sunscreen. The sunscreen lotion should be applied first, and then the makeup over the top. Day to day activities don’t require additional applications of sunscreen, but make sure to reapply if you are in the sun all day, at the beach or a sporting event.

What types of foods affect sensitive skin more than others? I noticed I break out more when I eat chocolate/sugar. Any other foods I should stay away from if I want clear skin? Sugar is a major cause of breakouts! However, every person’s skin is different and there isn’t an easy way to say that one particular food makes everyone breakout. A majority of food-based breakouts are caused by sugar though.

What order do I apply my skin care products before makeup? Moisturizer, Serums, sunscreen, etc.? Serums, sunscreen, moisturizer (or a face lotion with sunscreen), followed by makeup.

How to reduce pores? Use cool water on your face after you are done washing it in the morning and night. Hot water can be drying on the skin and open up pores.

Whats the best intense moisturizer for dry/cracked skin? Should it be a different product? If you are struggling with dry skin during the day, try applying a nighttime face cream like Aveeno Ultra Calming Nourishing Night Cream on your face during the day! Night creams have added moisturizer, so they work wonders for dry skin during the day.

What procedures should you be starting in your 20s and 30s to prevent any damage/make skin look amazing? Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Water will definitely help the quality of your skin, but that is more of a short term option. Sunscreen will help prevent wrinkles and damaged skin for years to come.

How can you reduce redness/treat rosacea at home? Are there foods that make it worse or trigger it? Rosacea is usually triggered by spicy foods, hot beverages like coffee, and alcohol, so try to avoid those foods!

How can I tell if my breakouts are hormonal? Most hormonal breakouts occur on the chin and bottom of the face.


I wish I had the time to get through all of the questions, but I learned so much chatting skincare with Dr. Chipps. The main takeaway from this consultation was that sunscreen is the most important thing to prevent wrinkles, and I need to apply it every single day! I usually wear sunscreen everyday, but not always SPF 30. I’m so glad I found such an amazing moisturizer with SPF 30 I will continue to use on an everyday basis!




in partnership with Aveeno  ||  photography by Jordan Zobrist



Three things to add to your beauty routine.

I’ve always been really really picky with what kind of products I use on my skin. When I was in high school I started washing my face religiously, and I can only count on one hand the number of times I have gone to bed without washing my face. Since turning thirty I have noticed a few subtle changes in my skin, and I felt the need to step up my skincare game. I know I’m still young, but I’ve decided to start incorporating a few new things into my night-time skincare routine, and I have listed them all below…

Three things to add to your beauty routine.

Three things to add to your beauty routine.

Three things to add to your beauty routine.

Three things to add to your beauty routine.

Three things to add to your beauty routine.

Three things to add to your beauty routine.



Over the past few weeks I’ve noticed that my skin has broken out a little on my cheeks, and it was looking really dull. I was excited to test out some skincare products from Colleen Rothschild that targeted these problem areas. I was so impressed with this skincare line, and I had to share a few of my favorites, along with three changes I am making to my skincare routine:

Add Retinol morning and night: Retinol targets the primary causes of visible aging. It minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, brightens skin, and clears pores. I have been wanting to add retinol to my skincare routine, but thought that I had to have a prescription from a dermatologist to get the good stuff. Colleen Rothschild’s Retinol Treatment Complex was the product I was most excited about because it is as strong as the doctor-recommended retinol, but you don’t need a prescription! I massage a thin layer into my skin morning and night right after washing it, and I let it absorb completely before I add my moisturizer. This retinol cleared up the light blemishes I was experiencing on my cheeks overnight. I was so thrilled! I expected this product to cause a lot of drying and possible peeling (which I was willing to put up with to get my skin clear again), but it didn’t dry out my skin! A tiny bit goes a long way (think a pea sized amount for each application) so this bottle will last me a long time.

Don’t forget the neck: I always wash my face, but I would only apply moisturizer to my neck every once in a while. I’ve started to apply the same anti-aging creams and oils I put on my face to my neck, because necks age too! Right now I’m using this Age Renewal Super Serum and my skin drinks it up! My skin feels soft and amazing in the morning!

Invest in quality products: If I do the legwork and put in the time to research and invest in the best product and best skincare brands now, I will be so glad that I did 10+ years from now. I’m all about treating my skin right! This Dual Enzyme Polish is one of my favorites from the Colleen Rothschild line, and it smells and feels so luxurious! It has high quality microspheres that exfoliate my face. Sometimes I apply it and put a warm towel over my face for a few minutes before starting the exfoliating process after long days when I have had heavy makeup on. I can tell it’s a high quality product, and I saw a visible difference after the very first use. This is proof that using the good stuff really does make a difference!

I linked to a few more ofmy favorite Colleen Rothschild products below (her whole line is seriously amazing). Are there any great skincare tips you incorporated as you got older? I would love to read them in the comments below!


Shop my look below:

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