Top: Lulu*s c/o | Skirt: me (tutorial below) similar style here and here | Shoes: Lulu*s c/o (similar) | Clutch: Nordstrom (sold out, but similar here and here) | Necklace: Gorjana Griffin c/o | Earrings: Baublebar via Nordstrom | Watch: Arvo c/o (similar) | Bracelets: Gorjana Griffin c/o, Nordstrom | Rings: Gorjana Griffin here, here, and here c/o

You can never go wrong with black and white.  It is huge right now, and a trend that really never goes out of style.  I knew I wanted to make something for one of my looks at Fashion Week, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to make until about 3 days before I left (last minute…always when I think the best.  But maybe because I’m actually forced to..)  I picked up this black and white fabric at the LA fabric district a while back.  While researching the latest black and white trends, I knew I needed to put this print to good use.

I went with a simple midi skirt silhouette, and paired it with a leather top for some added texture.  Some statement earrings, a pop of color, and I was set.  I knew this was the look I wanted to wear during my AOL Build interview, so it was my first look of the trip.  And as promised yesterday, this look comes with a tutorial.

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Click below for the tutorial…


  • 2
    yards of woven (no stretch) fabric
  • matching
  • invisible
  • large
    hook and eye
  • small
    strip of interfacing
Step 1:
Cut 2 rectangles for your skirt sections.  Measure your natural waist,
divide it by 2, and then multiply that number by 3 to get the width (add
1” to allow for ½” seam allowance per side).  Then determine how long you
want the skirt to be and add 2” for seam allowance (1/2” for the top, 1 ½”
for the hem).  My skirt pieces measured 42”W  x 29”L.
Step 2:
Place a pin in the center of the top width, and create
3 knife pleats on either side of the center that each point toward the
center pin.  I wasn’t super exact, but tried to eyeball each pleat
to be about the same width.  You will want the width to
measure half of your waist measurement plus 1” s.a .when the pleats are
complete.  Make sure to leave ½” per side for the s.a.  Repeat with back skirt
Tip: It helps to have
a measurement tape laid above as you create the pleats to give you a reference
as to how thick to make the pleats in order to get the correct total

Step 3:
Carefully press the pleats into place and do a quick stitch ¼” from the top to secure the pleats.  (this makes things a lot easier when attaching the waistband)

Step 4:
Fold the width of the waistband under about ½”, press, and then apply
the interfacing directly about the fold (see photo).  Fold the other side over ½’ inch and press.  Fold the top and bottom ends under ½” as well.  Then fold in half length-wise and press.  All of your seam allowances should now be hidden inside the fold.

Step 5:
the front and back skirt sections right-side together and stitch up all
the way on one side with 3/4” s.a.  Insert your invisible zipper on
the other side (match the selvage at the top of the zipper with the top of
the fabric).
Step 6:

Stitch up one
short side of the waistband, and sandwich the top of the skirt in between the
waistband so that about ½” of the top of the skirt is covered (make sure that
the stitching along the top is up inside of the waistband).  Line up the
stitched side with one of the open zipper sides.  Pin all the way
around and stitch as close to the bottom edge of the waistband as you
can.  You will have an extra inch or so on the

Step 7:
Fold the edge under and hand stitch a large hook and eye for the closure. 
Step 8:

Serge or zigzag stitch all along the bottom to finish off the raw edges,
and press under 1 ½” for the hem.  Stitch around the hem. 



And the last color in the Take A Bow collection is Poppy.  The perfect orangy-red.  These skirts have become a lot like offspring to me, so picking a favorite would be almost impossible.  But lets just say that my Poppy Take A Bow skirt has made the highest amount of public appearances.  The color pretty much goes with anything.  I always say I’m not a red person.  But for this modern take on red, I make an exception.

Keep an eye on my Instagram, because I will be announcing the dates when these skirts will be available on leannebarlow.com shortly!  And I also wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for your kind words, excitement, and amazing encouragement you have shown for this new skirt addition.  This has been a long time coming, and I am thrilled to see such a great response to them already!  It really means more to me than you could ever know!  



I couldn’t design one of my favorite skirts without making it in one of my favorite colors!  This is the color that I initially fell in love with when I first selected the textile.  This is the color of fabric swatch that sat on my nightstand night after night, and this is the color that I designed my first prototype of the skirt in.  It is safe to say this mint skirt and I are having a little love affair.



My next Take A Bow skirt color reveal is Sunny.  The perfect shade of yellow.  This baby demands attention. And did I mention these skirts are fully lined?  Because they are.  No slips necessary!

Any guesses on tomorrow’s color?



After almost a year in the making, I am finally able to introduce my newest skirt that will be available soon at leannebarlow.com! I have put a lot of long hard hours into designing this skirt to perfection, and I am pinching myself that I finally get to see it all come together. For the rest of the week, I will be revealing each color of the new Take A Bow Skirt. You got a little sneak peak of this color before, and today I am happy to bring you the Take A Bow Skirt in Kelly…..


I want to give you a little background on how this skirt came to be. About a year ago, I stumbled upon the most amazing fabric.  It was a linen/cotton blend, so it had the luxurious feel and drape of a linen, but the cotton gave it a softer, more wearable texture without the wrinkling that comes with 100% linen.  The colors were rich and amazing, and I literally slept with these fabric swatches on my nightstand.  THAT is how crazy I was about the fabric!  I knew instantly I needed to use it for the next skirt in my line.

For the skirt design, I basically took all my favorite aspects in a skirt and molded them all together.  I knew I wanted a high waist and full skirt.  Pleats were a perfect way to add the fullness, but keep the waistband from being too bulky.  It had to have pockets.  Pockets are the ‘be all end all’ in my opinion.  I mean…show me a paper sack, tell me it has pockets, and I’m sold.  And lastly, it needed a great wow factor.  A bow is the perfect feminine touch that makes this more than just a skirt, but a statement piece.  But the best part about it all, is that I designed the bow to be removable!  I created a separate waistband that allows you to pop on that big beautiful bow in the front or back, or gives you the freedom to remove it completley if you would rather opt for a big statement necklace instead.  So voila.  Three skirts in one.  This is, hands down, my dream skirt.  And I hope you love it as much as I do!


The Maxi tutorial revisted

 Some of you might have noticed that I removed the tutorial for The Maxi skirt from my blog.  After receiving many requests for the option to purchase the skirt from readers who don’t sew, I decided to move forward with manufacturing this skirt and have it be the first piece in my clothing line.  I have been so thrilled with the response and excitement over the launch of this skirt.

After having the tutorial for this skirt up for almost two years, I wasn’t quite sure what to do about it now.  I thought long and hard about whether or not to remove the tutorial.  However, I recently came across this exact skirt for sale in a different shop (complete with my own personal photos), and felt pretty violated.  I want more than anything to help women make their own clothes, but I also want my clothes to be available for women who don’t sew.  But what I don’t want is to be taken advantage of.  For this reason, I decided to remove the free version of the The Maxi tutorial from my site.

But I still want you sewers to be able to create this skirt!  So I polished and perfected my tutorial (a LOT), and have listed a very detailed, pictured filled tutorial for The Maxi available in my Etsy shop.  I feel like this way both the sewers and the non-sewers can have access to this skirt, and I don’t run the risk of being taken advantage of.  I really hope you can understand where I am coming from.  I know I can’t please everyone, but that doesn’t stop me from trying!

and on a lighter note, I managed to wait till the last minute for Halloween costumes I again.  But a few late nights in a row and the costumes are all complete!  Stay tuned next week to see them!  
(or just follow me on instagram and see them now: @leannebarlow )

If you don’t know how to sew, or know the basics but are interested in learning more, Merrick and I have created The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sewing, online sewing courses that teach you everything you need to know about clothing construction. You can take our Beginner Course or our Intermediate Course, and learn how to follow tutorials like this one! Make sure to check out moderngirlsewing.com!


high low skirt:: tutorial

Click through below for the tutorial…

Here is the tutorial for the skirt in my last outfit post.  I snagged this skirt at a thrift store for $2.  It is a very basic elastic waistband
skirt, but I liked the color and the fabric (polyester- lightweight and doesn’t
wrinkle easy).  I knew it would be
way too long on me, but I figured I could tweak to be what I want.
The waistband of the skirt was too big for me, so I took it
in.  It was really simple.

high low bordeaux


 top: H&M, blazer: Banana Republic, skirt: me, sunnies: Forever 21, shoes: Seychelles, watch: Michael Kors, jewelry: Nachelle, c/o Wild About Jewelry

Loving the deep wine burgundy that is so hot right now.  Check back tomorrow on a tutorial for this high-low skirt!


pink and polka

top: Cotton On, skirt: me, shoes: B.P., glasses: c/o Firmoo, necklace: Nachelle, jewelry: Michael Kors, c/o Glam Grab, Juicy
I can’t get enough of these stretchy pencil skirts lately.  Can you tell?  They might look all prim and proper, but the stretchy knit means I have no problem bending over to hoist up my bajillion pound baby car seat. 
(car seat + solid as a rock infant = emerging biceps)

Also, let me know if you need any help with your taxes, because once I put these puppies on I feel like I can add, subtract, or multiply without even using my fingers.  Firmoo makes one great quality pair of glasses.  At such a fabulous price point, I was very impressed with how well the glasses are made.  They even give you a case, bag, and cleaning cloth as wellThey have an amazing promotion going on right now where you can get your first pair of glasses FREE!  All you pay is the shipping.  Grab a pair like mine and we can all go drop kick some calculators together.  Won’t be needing those bad boys any longer.


lace and chambray

top: J Crew, skirt: me, shoes: 9 West, necklace: c/o A Beautiful Heart, wrists: Michael Kors, Juicy, Forever 21
I decided to revisit my Lace for Days skirt and pair it with the ever versatile chambray top.  I really like the mixture of feminine lace mixed with something slightly casual.  And why not throw on a big sparkly necklace for good measure.  Or if you were my 3 year old, it would be a big sprinkly necklace.  Either adjective is acceptable in my book.
In other news, I got my first shipment in of these babies for my upcoming clothing line.  It will be the first piece available in the line and it is really fun to see everything coming together.  I don’t want to give too much away but I’ll give you a hint….the skirt is long and awesome and rhymes with taxi.  Just have to finish up a few lose ends and we will be up and running!  DAYS people!  I’m talking days!

statement skirt + statement neckalce + giveaway

 blazer: Banana Republic top: Modbe, skirt: me, sandals: Old Navy, necklace: c/o Wild About Jewelry, watch: Michael Kors, bracelets: c/o A Beautiful Heart {here and here}
I bought some white knit a while back planning on making something….I just couldn’t remember what.  But when I searched through H&M looking for a thick striped navy and white skirt with no luck, I knew just what to use it for.  I cut out a white pencil skirt and a navy one (just like this one).  I knew I wanted 5 thick stripes for the skirt, so I divided the length of the skirt (minus seam allowance) and cut up the two skirts into thick strips about 5 1/2″ wide.  Then I serged each stripe together to create this skirt.  The nice thing is that I was left with the pieces to make a second skit just like this, with the stripes just opposite.

Today I’m happy to be giving away this gorgeous coral statement necklace from Wild about Jewelry!
Coral is one of my favorite colors to wear.  On our trip down to California this summer I packed 5 coral shirts….and wore all of them regularly.  I think of coral as a grown up pink.  This statement necklace adds the right amount of “grown up pink” to a look.

Entry Rules:
One Additional Entry:
  • Post the link to this giveaway on your facebook
How to Leave Your Entry:
  • Leave ONE comment letting me know you liked Wild about Jewelry
  • Leave ONE additional comment if you followed the additional entry step
  • In both comment please include your email spelled out (ex: contactelleapparel at gmail dot com) so we don’t get spammed.
Only two entries per reader.  Giveaway will run through August 30th at midnight MST.
Giveaway closed.

The winner of the Wild About Jewelry coral statement necklace is:

Congrats Zoe!  Email me here to claim your necklace.

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Leanne Barlow cardigan giveaway and donating to help a father of 5 who’s wife just passed away (learn more about how you can help here). 
the winner is…..
Congratulations Amber!  Amber happens to be a life long friend of mine, so I was so excited to see her name as the random comment generated.  Shoot me over an email and I’ll get you your cardi!

tamed neon

top: Target, skirt: me, shoes: 9 West, sunnies: Forever 21 bag: Tory Burch, necklace and bangles: c/o Glam Grab, watch: Michael Kors, earrings: Franchesca Boutique, bracelet: JCrew
Currently loving my navy knit pencil skirt.  I made it nice and fitted up top with some darts in the back, but made sure it was wide enough at the bottom so that I didn’t feel too constricted when walking.  It can be dressed up or down, and the fact that it is stretchy makes me love it even more.  It helps to balance out a plethora of neon…..which is mandatory for summer.