With so many new styles evolving and changing, keeping up with the latest trends feels like its never ending. Right??  Just when you get the perfect pair of distressed jeans, all of a sudden wide leg trousers are in and then there is another thing to add to your wish list. Over the years of experimenting with fashion and sewing on my blog, I have built up a closet that I truly love. But I spent years and years pining over this and that, trying to achieve my dream closet.

I’ve summarized a few guidelines I follow when making clothing purchases that have helped me become genuinely happy with my wardrobe…

There are so many beautiful well made pieces that are probably worth the money..but pulling the trigger on actually paying the price tag can be easier said than done. But if you do enough research, I have a way you can get those luxury items without paying full price. I’ve found some amazing items at ThreadUP, an online consignment store. The selection of name brand clothing items they have is killer ((women, men, and kids)) and everything is less than full price, up to 90% off! I’ve wanted a big Kate Spade bag for years, and found this taupe bag for less than half of what it was originally! When it was delivered to my door, you would never guess it was previously owned.  Not a single mark or scratch, and it came with the original tags. I was in serious Kate heaven. So being smart enough to check out ThreadUP before paying full price for an item is a great way to get those dream pieces into your closet sooner than you anticipated. 
Don’t think that you have to own the latest trend in order to have great style. Take those wide leg jeans for example. Not a fan? Then don’t buy them. They won’t get the wear out of them to justify the price if you don’t really love it. But those Tory Burch flats that make you weak in the knees whenever you see someone wearing them….now those might be more your style. Along these same lines, keep from impulse buying as well. If you love it in the store, make sure its available online, and then hold off on buying it. A few days later if you are still thinking about that amazing lace top then you can jump online and order it. It will also save you the hassle of retuning something later.
An investment piece is something you will have and wear for years. Because an item like this needs to be well made, it usually costs more than you would normally spend on a similar item. The most amazing nude pump, or little black dress, or even the perfect red lipstick could be out of your price range right now. But don’t be afraid to set your sights high, as long as you are smart about it. Set aside $10, $20, or whatever you can each month specifically for that item. That way would won’t be saying “I could never afford that” forever. With some monthly saving and a goal in mind, one day you will be able to say you can afford it. And chances are you will love it and wear it forever. 
The more clothes doesn’t make for the better closet. That’s what I thought to be true back in high school and I was so wrong. Don’t buy 5 different $10 white t-shirts that you semi like. Take the time and get one $50 t-shirt that fits you well, will last through multiple washings, and that you will wear all the time. You will have a lot more closet space for more quality items that way too!

What are some items you are dying to have in the closet of your dreams? I’d love to know!

In collaboration with ThreadUP